Classic horseback riding school
Horses, a passion. 
Horseback riding, a realistic dream.

Pierrette Mastrogiovanni   

Owner and founder of Les écuries Braveheart riding school.

Certified instructor F.E.Q./C.H.

Certified instructor Equi-Health

My goal: 

Share my passion for horses and riding with those who want to discover this sport.

As far as I remember I always had a passion for animals and especially for horses.

Here is a short summary of my background:

As many people I first participated in trail riding as an activity which led me to get more curious about riding.

It is in 1995 that I really got passionnate about classic horseback riding after having the chance of taking some lessons.  Few years later I decided it was time for me to jump into classic horseback riding competition, hunter division.  I did sregional competition as well as provincial competition until 2006 when I moved to Saint-Lazare.

In 2009 I wanted to share my knowledge with young and older people about horses and classic horesback riding so I started Les écuries Braveheart riding school.  It is also a great opportunity to share a little bit of my passion with them. 

I also participated in many training/clinics from nutrition to trimming and first aid and it will be my pleasure to share this knowledge. 

My husband Jean and my mother Ghislaine are actively involved in everything that needs to be done to keep the place running fine.  Both are an important part of Les écuries Braveheart.